For a woman who
Forgot My Name
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Saadin Dassum

With some rock and roll and a dash of psychedelia, Ecuadorian/Miami-based artist Saadin Dassum (Suh-deen Dih-soom) returns with gospel experiment ‘Forgot My Name’.

When asked about the meaning behind the new single, Saadin shared, “Forgot My Name is the hangover from the drug that is love. It hurts now, but damn it was fun while it lasted.”

The new release follows on from Saadin’s return to music earlier this year with his single ‘Tomorrow’, which made waves with its music video and got into film festivals like the Miami Film Festival and ANIMAZE.

Saadin Dassum is a nostalgic mad scientist, a dreamer of the day. He sounds like all you've ever loved, yet like nothing you've ever heard before. An artist that knows no bounds, he’s sure to keep our ears engaged with his tantalising tunes.

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Film Festival Shenanigans

Forgot My Name

The story goes that last December, I was quarantined in a little dorm at the University of Miami. I had just finished exams, so I had a lot of free time to be nostalgic. While browsing my excellent drawer of cool junk (which everyone has), I found a little memento from a date: a cork from a bottle of champagne. I put the cork on my red piano keyboard, and I started jamming a little bit while thinking of lyrics.
The girl who I opened this cork for was so bombastic and phenomenal to me, but she was nowhere to be seen in my life. So I figured that while she vibed her way right into the center of my heart, I was probably nothing but some good fun to her. Thanks to her, my red piano got groovy, and my lyrics got fun.

Here's to the woman who forgot my name.